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PREP-TEC Bucket washer
View inside showing brushes
Side view bucket washer
Side view of machine
rotating brush
Prep-Tec drum, bucket and pail washing machines
are capable of washing buckets up to 400mm dia. x 600mm long. Larger units are available to suit up to 200 ltr drums.
Inserting bucket1
Bucket being loaded 1
Inserting bucket2
Bucket being loaded 2

Prep-Tec bucket, drum & pail washing machines eliminate unpleasant and time consuming manual cleaning of water based ink & dye containers using a minimum amount of water and energy consumption. All machines are manufactured from 304 quality Stainless steel.

The machines thoroughly clean the inside, the outside and the bottom of drums up to 220 ltr in approximately one minute. The operation begins by inserting the bucket or drum between the three cylindrical brushes and closing the door which houses a fourth brush which holds it firmly in place. The operator then simply chooses the wash cycle required depending upon the degree of contamination and then presses the start button. Cleaning takes place by the inner and outer brushes rotating whilst recycled water is pumped from the water saving tank through spray tubes to the inside and outside of the drum. During the initial first few seconds of the wash cycle the contaminated water is automatically directed out of the machine to drain, thus reducing sludge build up in the water saving tank. Fresh water is then introduced via a solenoid valve connected to the town's water supply again through the spray tubes. This water is automatically directed into the water saving tank. At the same time the brushes reverse rotation, thus maximizing bristle life and ensuring complete inner and outer brush contact.

Bucket in place

Bucket in place

Bucket on wash cycle

Bucket being washed

One handed operation to clean inside
side view with top section lifted
Lifting top section for
bottom tank cleaning

Side view with top section raised
1 handed operation

drum washer
Zone 1 Solvent Based Drum Washing Machine
cleans drums up to 1200ltrs
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